Sovereign Citizen disrupts Spokane court

SPOKANE, Wash. - For the second time in one week, a man who identifies himself as a sovereign citizen disrupted a Spokane courtroom.

Fifty-five-year-old Michael Hicks and his brother in law were arrested last Wednesday after a 2 and a half hour stand off with sheriff's deputies. Both men would not get out of their vehicle and had to be cut from their seat belts.

Last week a judge ordered Hicks be given a mental health evaluation since he wouldn't answer simple questions. Wednesday, his non-compliant theme continued.

Sovereign Citizen disrupts Spokane court

"I do not plead in the court of contracts," Hicks said when asked if he pleaded guilty or not guilty.

Michael Hicks' appointed attorneys argued in court Wednesday that their client was not a threat to the community, and should not remain in jail on a $10,000 bond because he has no criminal record. The judge accepted a not-guilty plea, and allowed him to be released from jail after Hicks said he'd reluctantly show up to court hearings.

Last week in a jailhouse interview, Hicks told KXLY4 he shouldn't have been pulled over, and didn't cooperate with deputies because he doesn't believe in their jurisdiction to arrest him.

"I am not a sovereign," he said in the interview. "I am sovereign and I have sovereign rights, unalienable rights that I was born with here in America."

The problem for him now, is to continue his lifestyle at home, he'll have to show up to a court he doesn't believe in. His next court appearance will be a pre-trial conference and is scheduled for August 29.