South Hill neighborhood concerned about overgrown swales

South Hill neighborhood concerned about over grown swales

SPOKANE, Wash. - In the South Hill neighborhood just south of 44th Ave on Crestline residents are frustrated about the state of storm swales installed last year.

Residents want to know what the city is going to do about the trenches that are now overgrown with weeds.

Nick Bianco is one resident who understands the benefits of the swales, but wishes they were better kept.

"We're all just kind of knocking down the weeds at this point and I think we're all waiting for an answer from the city. What is it that you guys are going to do here? Tell us what your intention is so we know what to do as a home owner," said Bianco.

The storm swales were installed a year ago and with them being city property, Bianco and his neighbors were under the impression the city would be the ones maintaining them.

"We haven't heard anything from the city if they are supposed to plant it or take care of it or whatever, but at this point it's kinda moot," said Bianco

Bianco said neighbors were expecting the swales to resemble the ones on Lincoln just north of 29th Ave.

Instead they are filled with thick weeds that are spreading from the swales to their back yard.

Neighbors are concerned it is a safety issue with the dry brush.

"The good thing is they sprayed it with seed so it didn't erode and that part was great... But then we were told they were going to come plant it," said Bianco. 

Brian Coddington, with the City of Spokane, said they are monitoring the swales and what these South Hill residents are seeing is normal with hydroseed.

"It takes up to two years for that to take so it's not uncommon for it to not really have rooted at this moment in time so we will continue to monitor that keep track, and in the fall if it hasn't take we'll go back and redo it," said Coddington.

Bianco said if the city doesn't want to maintain the storm swales, they should consider filling them gravel so it isn't such an eye sore.

Bianco said otherwise, "It's a long term maintenance deal so if their prepared to do that , great! If they're not then let's hear what it is they want to do."

The city said they will be out this week and next spraying for weeds.