Sources: Murder victim found dismembered

SPOKANE, Wash. - Sources confirm to KXLY 4 News that the 12-year-old boy who found Kala Williams' remains near the Sunset Hill found her dismembered with some of her remains in garbage bags.

This information has been closely guarded by the Spokane Police Department because in the early stages of a murder investigation people will call police and try to take credit for killings like this one. Detectives can tell who's lying when the caller can't provide specifics in the case.

Williams, 20, was killed somewhere other than where her body was found and her body was transported to where it was found in black plastic garbage bags.

Kala Williams dismembered video

Last seen in late March, Williams was reported missing by her brother April 2. A 12-year-old boy, who KXLY doesn't want to identify, found Williams on May 13 and then brought his father to the scene who, in turn, called police.

Since her body was recovered, Major Crime detectives have interviewed a number of people in connection with her death including her 35-year-old boyfriend. According to Erin Newberry, the director for the Spokane Youth for Christ Center, Williams had been struggling with drug addiction.

Since she was found, a memorial for her was set up for Williams near where her body was discovered. She wanted to be become a nurse and was scheduled to be baptized not long after her disappearance.

On Tuesday Doris Mashtare, Kala's aunt, said she was glad detective had gotten a search warrant to search her phone for who Williams was talking or texting with in the days before she was killed.

Mashtare doesn't think she was kidnapped and killed by a stranger because of her street smarts.

"I don't see Kala, without a fight, being accosted but it might be somebody she was friendly to. It's really hard to say, but you're not gonna just make Kala go and accost her and force," she said.

Williams' family wants to publicly think that 12-year-old boy who found Kala and ended their weeks of wondering what happened to her.