Soldier, recently home from Afghanistan, wakes to find car stripped

A local solider just returning home from a year long tour in Afghanistan got a surprise he wasn't hoping for Monday morning when he found his BMW M3 completely stripped.

Seth Bendewal had saved up some money over his tour for a '93 BMW M3. "It's always pretty exciting when you can actually spend your money on things you like," Bendewald said. 

The car's paint was yellow, a little bright for him, but Bendewal said he'd always wanted a BMW and was proud of himself for being able to buy the car.

"I've always been a fan of BMWs. It's a fast fun car and they are generally pretty nice. I like European imports," he said.

Then, Monday morning, five days after he bought the car, he woke up to find his car without any wheels, rims and completely stripped.

BMW stripped

"I found my car with no wheels, hung up on cinder blocks and pieces of wood," Bendewald said.

The car had been parked right outside his house and he's thinking thieves came by sometime early Monday morning.

"Fell asleep, and when I woke up at about 6:30 this morning, I found my car like this. No wheels, hung up on cinder blocks and pieces of wood," Bendewal said.

Those thieves also riffled through his glove box and inside the car but didn't take anything inside.

"It almost felt like I was a little violated at first to know someone could be that close to taking my belongings," Bendewald said.

He filed a police report and an officer came by and tried to find fingerprints on the car without success.

He had planned to take the car back to Alaska with him where he is currently stationed but, since he's leaving in just a week, Bendewal thinks he may have to leave his BMW behind.