Snow returns to Spokane with a vengeance

Snow returns to Spokane with a vengeance

SPOKANE, Wash. - It was slick on the roads Monday, with dozens of collisions and slide-offs halting traffic around the region all afternoon.

Even though snow has been falling through most of the afternoon, as of 5 p.m. the City of Spokane was not at a Stage One Snow Event yet but that could change Monday evening.

A city spokesman said they will go to a 24-hour full city plow when there are two or more inches on the ground with another four expected. A lot of Monday's snow wasn't in the forecast so they're still making a making a decision and checking the weather patterns.

Monday morning, Spokane Mayor David Condon gave the city's overall snow removal a grade of B+. He thinks the city is improving its communication with its residents.

"We want to engage citizens and so you've seen initiatives over the last two years. How do we engage citizens so they know timely information on when they're going to get out the on the streets and so we've been focusing on that," he said.

In the outlying areas, the snow forced an early release for students at Liberty High School Monday afternoon because snow drifts were closing roads. After school activities were closed at Freeman High School as well.

The Washington State Patrol responded to 16 crashes or slide-offs from the morning through 4 p.m. During the same timeframe the Spokane Police Department responded to 30 while the Spokane County Sheriff's Office responded to more than 60 collisions or slide-offs.