SNAP ready to provide assistance to homeowners facing foreclosure

SPOKANE, Wash. - SNAP foreclosures help vo

Thousands of Spokane county homeowners, late on mortgage payments, property taxes or can't pay sewer liens, are facing foreclosure right now. If you're in this group there is some good news from SNAP.

SNAP wants homeowners to know they're still offering to provide guidance and support to help homeowners get out of their financial crises. For people faced with this situation, it's not easy asking for help.

"Yeah it's very hard asking for help, especially when you're an ornery little cuss like me," Mary Butler.

But even Butler knows when it's time. Her time came when she fell behind on property taxes and couldn't pay a sewer lien.

"Altogether with the sewer being put in it was about 10 grand," she said.

Mary worked 28 years in construction; work that put her on disability and social security. With a limited income and growing debt she called SNAP and is glad she did.

"Nobody likes to be a pity party as it were and SNAP didn't make it a pity party which was good because nobody needs to be more degraded than they already are due to the fact that they're disabled," Butler said.

SNAP's Erik Nelson calls Butler a perfect example of the people they can help.

"I've got housing counselors that are very tenacious, in terms of getting to the bank, getting past people," Nelson said.

SNAP will work with banks and lenders to get homeowners a new loan covering the cost of your delinquent property taxes and lien. If that fails SNAP has a $3 million grant to dip into for help.

"That's what his money was for, for people like that who have been victim of the foreclosure process and who we can help," Nelson said.

There's pride in owning your own home and Butler knows that. She also knows asking for help won't hurt it but losing your home to foreclosure will.

"I'd say it never hurts to try; the one thing Spokane is good for is faith," she said.

This help is offered free of charge. The number to call if you are late on your property taxes or can't pay a sewer lien is 456-7106.

To get loan assistance or money from SNAP to pay off your taxes or lien your home must be your primary residence, you must have 70 percent equity in it and you have to be able to repay the loan. Don't let that discourage you from calling as SNAP has many programs that can help you.