Slow down, travel prepared this Thanksgiving weekend

Slow down, travel prepared this Thanksgiving weekend

SPOKANE, Wash. - Tens of thousands of extra people will be on the roads just for the Apple Cup this week. With many of us getting out of town for Thanksgiving as well, it's important to remember to slow down and travel prepared.

It's been a rainy and gloomy few days in the Spokane area and that's what you can expect for the area if you're traveling to Pullman. But that's not the case on many of our mountain passes. But no matter where you're going this Thanksgiving or how you're getting there, remember to pack a little patience.

AAA predicts 2016 will be the busiest Thanksgiving travel week in nine years with 48.7 million Americans choosing to get out of town for Turkey day. Nearly 90 percent of those travelers will hit the highways. While those road-trippers will, on average, be paying a little more at the pump than last year, gas prices for this week are shaping up to be the lowest since Thanksgiving 2008.

Flying, however, will not be cheaper this time around. AAA projects fares will be more than 20 percent higher than in 2015. But that doesn't mean people are skipping the skies.

"It's predicted to be one of the biggest Thanksgiving travel weekends in history," TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger said.

Even with more than 3.5 million Americans flying, Neffenger says you shouldn't see those extra long security lines from last spring.

"We brought on about just short of 1,400 new transportation security officers this summer, and we've converted about 2,000 from part time to full time. We've added about another 50 to 60 canines, which allows us to rapidly move people through the line. I actually think we're ready for holiday travelers this year.