Slippery commute greets drivers Thursday

SPOKANE, Wash. - If you slipped while driving into work Thursday morning, you're not alone.

On the South Hill, the compact snow created problems for drivers. One man spun out of control and knocked into a telephone poll near 14th and Grand. He was fine physically, but ticketed for driving too fast for conditions.

Avista workers repaired the pole.

Some people chose not to deal with the roads at all Thursday morning. Megan Marion usually bikes to her job at Deaconess from her home.

Slippery commute

"It's about 2.3 miles I think," she said.

Thursday morning she snowshoed to avoid any potential collisions.

"I'm not a fan of driving in the snow so I'm going to snowshoe to work today," Marion laughed.

In Airway Heights the snow and wind pushed drivers off the pavement.

"We're going to probably see lots of snow this year," Dennis Snyder predicted. 

We caught up with him helping two airmen out of a blanketed field when their car left the road.

"I said I have a tremendous amount of respect for you guys for what you do out in the field and I'm happy to do something for you guys," Snyder said.

Perhaps the biggest crash of the day started at the top of 7th and Howard and ended at the bottom of the hill. A garbage truck left a nearby alley, turned right and just slid down the hill sideways, crashing into seven cars in its path. 

No one was hurt and the city is handling the matter.