Slackliners perform at Hoopfest

SPOKANE, Wash. - There is a new attraction at Hoopfest this year, one that gained popularity at the Superbowl.

You may remember seeing a man bouncing around during Madonna's halftime show, that man was "slacklining."

Slackerliner Josh Greenwood taught Madonna all her tricks. "You start working on small tricks and then harder tricks and then you start flipping," he said.

It's like jumping on a trampoline, but the catch is the slackline is only two inches thick.
"They don't just move up and down, they move side to side as well. The movement of the line is kind of circular," Greenwood said.

While the ballers take over the downtown streets for Hoopfest, the slackliners are taking over the park and showing off their tricks.
"Nobody really knew what it was. They thought we were just training for the circus; tightrope walking. And now that people know about it and know we are doing it, it's really cool," slackliner Frankie Najera said.

It really is a sport for just about anyone. All you need is a slackline, two trees, and a little bit of patience.

"It's unlimited; the amount of different things you can challenge yourself with," Greenwood said.