Simple steps to beat the heat in your home

Simple steps to beat the heat in your home

SPOKANE, Wash. - If you don't have air conditioning at your home chances are you're trying to find ways to stay cool. Since the 90s aren't going away anytime soon here's a few ways you can find some relief without spending lots of money.

If you don't have air conditioning – or can't afford to turn it on – there are a few ways you can cool your house down, according to Kim Kreber with SNAP.

First idea? Make an ice pack out of a ziploc bag and ice cubes. Simple enough right? Here's another way to stay cool: Put your pillow in the freezer. We're not joking.

"When you come home or before you go to bed at night, you just take it out and then you put on the pillow case and it will keep you cooler," Kreber said.

Now move from the freeze to the faucet.

"Put your wrist under cold water for at least 10 minutes," Kreber said, and it will keep you cool for about an hour.

Also, for the next week make your meals in the microwave.

"This is a time of year where we want to prevent turning on the oven and the stove especially during the day," she explained.

Another thing you can do is watch where you place your light.

"This is something that you shouldn't do... one of them is putting a light or a lamp by the air conditioning unit because the ac unit actually senses that heat that is coming from the light," Kreber explained.

Also, just like during the winter, seal up your windows only instead of cold air getting in during the winter you'll be preventing hot air getting in during the summer.

Finally always make sure your ceiling fans rotate clockwise so they can circulate your air, try to open up your windows at night for ventilation and be sure to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.

By doing these things you will be more comfortable and content as you battle the heat in your home.