Shoppers support 'Small Business Saturday'

SPOKANE, Wash. - The momentum of Black Friday shopping is carrying into Saturday as shoppers spend money at local businesses.

Small Business Saturday is a national movement encouraging people to shop and support their neighborhood stores.

"People who go to small businesses feel kinda proud about that they like the idea of supporting community," Auntie's employee,Linda Bond.

Shoppers support 'Small Business Saturday'

Linda Bond stayed busy Saturday helping customers find the perfect book for everyone on their Christmas list.

"There's a new one called, for little ones, called "This is Not my Hat" by Klassen. Everyone of us, adults wanted it," she said.

Karen Michaelson spent most of Saturday shopping at local businesses trying to find the perfect gift for her daughter.

"I've already spent $38 so I suppose I'll spend a hundred or two hundred I don't know, depends on what I find," she said

At Tin Roof on Sprague, customers didn't waste any time taking advantage of the deep discounts offered on home decorations and furniture.

"I'll spend a little more to shop local," said Adam Munson.

"You can buy stuff cheaper on the internet but if you shop local you are getting the service, return it, like to shop local when I can," Munson added.

Heather Hanley, owner of Tin Roof, said Small Business Saturday is the second biggest weekend of the year for the store.

" I think the biggest reason you want to shop at a small business is we do so much in your community, we support PTA, I know Tin Roof does, donate to school auctions," said Hanley.

"Really supporting small businesses is supporting those who support your community," she added.