Shooting suspect told police victim shot himself

Jeremy McVicker's bail set at $1M for Dylan Heinen's shooting death

SPOKANE, Wash. - The teen accused of accidentally shooting and killing his friend tried to get police to believe the incident was a suicide, according to court documents released Wednesday.

However when officers found that someone had tried to dismember Dylan Heinen's body they knew the man who allegedly fired the fatal shot was lying to them.

Jeremy McVicker, 19, the man accused of firing that fatal shot that killed his friend Dylan, made his first appearance in court Wednesday afternoon. Nick Albrecht, a friend of both McVicker's and Heinen's, said his friend is remorseful about the shooting death of his friend.

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"The guy was in tears. He did something that probably no one in this city will ever experience," Albrecht said.

Investigators said Wednesday the young men had been drinking. Friends say McVicker had taken the magazine out of his pistol but hadn't checked to see if the chamber was empty. He then made the fatal mistake of pointing the gun at Heinen and pulled the trigger.

Friends claimed McVicker was so distraught that he had shot his friend that when he tried to dismember Heinen's body with a hatchet, he was just trying to erase what has happened. However Cole Martin, who worked with Heinen at the Timber Creek Grill Buffett for three years, isn't buying that excuse.

"That was horrible; you have to have some sort of mental defect to think that you should hide the body by dismembering it, especially like a friend, a close friend. That's not sane at all," he said.

Heinen and McVicker went to school together at Shadle Park High School, where Heinen just received his diploma this last November.

"He just finished up his Eagle Scout, he just finished up his schooling. He was starting to make those decision like what do I really want to do and you know he barely even got a chance to think about it," Dylan's brother Drue Heinen said.

In addition to his brother Drue, Dylan is survived by his father and mother, who is a chef at Lewis and Clark High School. Colleagues of hers are taking up a collection to help pay for her son's funeral.

"The LC staff, the principal was there this morning with the staff, just being with them because they deeply care about their kids. They care, they serve and work so hard and donna love her kids, she works very, very hard," Doug Wordell of the Spokane School District said.

As for McVicker, his bail was set at $1 Million in court Wednesday. His defense attorney doesn't plan to ask for a bail reduction until his client's arraignment on February 12. He is currently in custody on behavioral watch at the Spokane County Jail.