Sex offender housing investigation follow-up

KXLY4 sex offender investigation: follow-up

SPOKANE, Wash. -  A KXLY 4 investigation of public records and court documents uncovered hundreds of 911 calls from the New Washington Apartments in the past year.

There are 16 high risk sex offenders living in the building that is also owned and managed by sex offenders.

After the investigation, several current or former residents of those apartments, and another building owned by the same family, reached out to KXLY about the conditions.

One resident's father called. His son is a sex offender, and has lived in the New Washington Apartments for several years.

The father says the place is crawling with rats and mice -- and that the bed bugs are everywhere.

But the fact that his son is a convicted sex offender means few people will rent to him at all.

Several people wrote comments on Facebook, saying they had no idea so many offenders were living in such questionable conditions in such a high-trafficked part of downtown Spokane.

And, while that fact is concerning to many, most of those offenders don't have any special conditions that keep them from living near schools and daycares.

An update on the man whose release started this investigation: David McCuistion was allowed to leave McNeil Island and come to Spokane if he followed strict conditions and if the managers at the New Washington Apartments agreed to supervise him.

Today, in Pierce County Court, the Department of Corrections argued that's not happening, and asked for a new plan modifying his conditions and making sure he's in a place that's safe for him and the community.

The judge there did agree to modify his conditions, in McCuistion's favor. The judge increased the number of public places he can go, and allowed him to hook up cable TV in his apartment - paid for by state funds.