Sequester bill means big cuts for Spokane charity

SPOKANE, Wash. - President Barack Obama has officially signed the sequester bill and now millions of people may soon feel the effects, including Spokane charities.

Pam Almeida, Director of the Greater Spokane County Meals on Wheels, says the non-profit will lose about $45,000 or five percent of their budget because of these automatic cuts.

"We are doing 30 percent more people than last year at this time and we were already saying 'how are we going to feed everyone?'" she said.

Sequester bill means big cuts for Spokane Charity

Just like many of us, the non-profit will stretch their food dollars even more, finding cheaper ingredients and changing up the meals a bit.

"We are changing portion sizes as much as we can, we used to add a little extra to all the meals because for many of our folks our meal is there only meal that day," Almeida said.

The cuts and downsizing is worrying seniors that serve.

The seniors that they serve each day are concerned.

"They are very worried. I keep reassuring them we are not going to cut them out, we are not going to go away, we will find a way to feed them," she said.