Search warrants unsealed in Carlile murder investigation

Murder suspect Tim Suchow on suicide watch in Spokane County Jail

SPOKANE, Wash. - Carlile search warrants vo

Spokane Superior Court Judge Kathleen O'Connor has unsealed more than a half dozen search warrants used by detectives to unravel the mysteries behind Doug Carlile's murder.

By using Judge O'Connor as a "judge of special inquiry" investigators were able to keep secret the names of suspected players in the murder for hire scheme,  and its connection with North Dakota oil fields.

Detectives hunted for clues from Spokane to North Dakota and eventually seized everything from cell phone records to suspected killer Tim Suchow's bank statements. Then using a secret search warrant process, detectives were able to close in on Suchow and preserve valuable evidence in this homicide before it was destroyed.

Just hours after doug carlile was murdered detectives were already admitting this would be a very hard homicide to solve.

"This case is unusual because we don't have these type of incidents in Spokane where somebody comes into somebody else's house and just shoots them," Spokane Police Captain Joe Walker said.

Both a van caught on surveillance video and a glove left at the crime scene would eventually lead police to Suchow, but now detectives have seized cell phone tower records in the hopes of using triangulation to put Suchow in the neighborhood the night of the murder.

Investigators also grabbed a list of the people calling and texting James Henrikson, the man suspected of hiring Suchow to kill Carlile. They've executed search warrants at Suchow's banks looking for substantial deposits, the pay out for allegedly making the hit happen.

Police also went through a pair of Suchow's storage units and found three Kevlar vests and a helmet. Detectives have even taken Suchow's fingerprints and a sample of his DNA to strengthen his connection to the killing.

Suchow, meanwhile, is now on suicide watch in the Spokane County Jail after telling corrections deputies he didn't care if he lived or died.

"Anytime that we have any indication that a person may be suicidal or of harm to themselves we always take a proactive approach to make sure that they've safe and we isolate them and keep a regular watch on them and ensure their safety," Lieutenant Mike Sparber with Spokane County Detention Services said.

Suchow is expected to remain in jail because it would take a $2 Million bond to get him out. Henrikson, the alleged architect of Carlile's killing, will be in federal court in North Dakota Friday on firearms charges.