SCRAPS investigating illegal kennel

SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. - A north Spokane County dog owner is facing allegations of operating an illegal kennel.

Animal control officers spent Friday at a home on Tallman Road, where they found 30 dogs.

SCRAPS executed a search warrant at the home Friday morning after it received a complaint.

SCRAPS investigating illegal kennel

In Spokane County you have to have a licenses to have more than four animals. The owners in the case do not have that license.

Once on the property, Nancy Hill, executive director of SCRAPS says they discovered the dogs did not have sufficient shelter, food or water.

Hill says the owners are cooperating, giving up 10 of the dogs, four horses, three sheep, a cow and a goat.

Hill says the owner is short on resources and overwhelmed and unable to provide for all the animals.

"Some of the dogs were thin, most dogs were in o.k. condition, but again not comfortable for them with the inappropriate shelter, especially with these cold mornings," Hill said.

She also says the owners now have a timeline to either reduce the number of dogs on the property to just 4, or get a commercial kennel license.

SCRAPS will be back next week to check in.

Hill says they will wait for the investigation to be complete before they decide if the owner will face any charges.

As for the dogs taken off the property, once they are checked out by a vet they will be available for adoption.