Scores turn out to make new ball field a reality for Bambino Buddy Ball

Scores turn out to make new ball field a reality for Bambino Buddy Ball

SPOKANE, Wash. - Work is buzzing along at Andrew Rypien field where KXLY4's Extreme Team is hard at work building a new baseball field for Bambino Buddy Ball.

Day 4 of the Extreme Team build started with a bang as a ton of people showed up early in the morning.

Wilbur Precast set decorative barriers that are extremely heavy but extremely good looking, so it's going to look more like a park than a parking lot. We also had more concrete poured that entire pad set by Dundee Concrete and Landscaping. They did a wonderful job, once again it's another beautifying area of the park.

Also, our attention was turned to the concession stand. The roof needs replacement and the National Guard came to the rescue. The guardsmen were pleased to help in building a special field for such a great cause.

"Just contributing to the effort to provide these kids with a safe place for them to experience team sports," Sergeant Benjamin Ashworth with the National Guard said.

Guardsmen removed the existing aluminum tiles piece by piece to make room for the new roof, provided by All-Surface Roofing and Pro Build.

All in all, over a dozen guardsmen came and helped Tuesday, all to make Andrew Rypien field a more welcoming place for families and kids to play ball.

"It's always nice to be a part of projects like this because it's not just manual labor, it's manual labor with a great purpose and a great end result. So it feels really good to be out here sweating for something like this," Ashworth said.

We thank the Army Guardsmen for their service, and also Garco for removing and fixing areas under the canopy.