School's out so slow down in park zones

SPOKANE, Wash. - Now that school is out so are some new speed limit signs as drivers are required to slow down to 20 miles per hour in park zones.

Gretchen Aleeto said the reduced speeds put her mind at ease when she sends her kids to the park.

"I think it's a great idea there is a lot of kids just wandering and going to the park so I think it's very important that they have people slow down," said Aleeto.

With school out for summer, Aleeto said her kids will be riding to the park pretty often and now she feels more comfortable letting them go on their own.

"Just knowing that cars are supposed to be going slower and hopefully people obey the speed limit by the park," said Aleeto.

Spokane Police say most people do obey the posted speed limit.

"Most people adhere to it, there are just a few that we catch sometimes and we have to remind them monetarily that they need to slow down in the park zones to keep the kids safe," said Officer Teresa Fuller from the Spokane Police Department.

There is some good data to back up why the speed is reduced.

"You get up into the 30s for speed limit were talking a 75-99-percent chance you are going to kill a pedestrian," said Fuller.

In comparison, when you are driving 20 miles per hour, the chance for killing a pedestrian goes down to 20-percent.

The fines for speeding in park zones are pretty steep, just one mile over the limit will land you a ticket for $189. If caught going 21 miles over, the fine is more than $450.