Scam targets The Salvation Army

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Salvation Army, who lends a helping hand to thousands of people in the area each year, is now a target of a scam, spanning hundreds of miles and several cities.

"There's been someone going around trying to collect scrap metal and say it's for the Salvation Army," Captain Kyle Smith said.

A woman, described as a heavy set Native American, is going all around the area asking businesses for scrap metal, saying she'll recycling it and give the proceeds to the Salvation Army.

Scam targets the Salvation Army

"People have been phoning us and we are like oh no that's got nothing to do with us, we just hope she gets caught," Captain Smith said.

The woman has hit businesses in Post Falls, Tri-Cities and Colville.

"She does not work for us, we have no connection whatsoever, it's a complete fraud," Captain Smith said.

Captain Kyle Smith says the non-profit doesn't do door to door soliciting. While some businesses have turned the woman away and reported it, the Salvation Army is worried that others have very willingly gave her the donation.

"She's really working it and it's really sad because the Salvation Army, we raise money to help people, and we can't have this type of thing happening," Captain Smith said.

If anyone comes to your home or business, claiming to be a Salvation Army employee, you are urged to call Crime Check at 456-2233.