Salvation Army short on red kettle donations

SPOKANE, Wash. - Salvation Army donations vo

Christmas is just nine days away and the Salvation Army is hoping for a miracle as donations for its annual Red Kettle Drive are down $60,000 compared to last year.

The drive has been around for more than a century but this year donations are down compared to last year and Major Steve Ball with the Salvation Army said there are several reasons why.

"Thanksgiving was a week later this year; instead of 32 days like last year's campaign, it's 28 days," Ball explained.

The cold snap early this month is also to blame and a handful of stores reduced bell ringing hours too.

"That's kind of taken a toll on us as wel;," Ball said.

The money raised with the red kettles helps the Salvation Army throughout the year.

"We are going to have to work hard to adjust after the first of the year, figure out how we will work out with the shortfall," Ball said.

While there is a shortfall, many people are donating what they can.

"I think during the year I put about 100 bucks in there," Leslie Willey said. "It's good to donate and spread it around to other people."

If you do still have Christmas shopping to do, Willey encourages you to give a little on your way out.

"It doesn't take that much time and energy but it sure does leave you with a good feeling," Willey said.

The red kettles are in more than 60 stores around the area will be out collection donations until Christmas Eve.