Salvation Army setting Thanksgiving table for 8,000 local families

SPOKANE, Wash. - More families than ever are struggling to put food on the table, but on Thanksgiving, the Salvation Army is taking care of getting dinner lined up for approximately 8,000 local families.

"Everybody is into it and it's really great to see that," volunteer Karen Bucknell said.

For those receiving the meal, it took some patience to wait in the long line in and outside the Spokane Arena, but it was well worth the wait for recipients like Vanessa Brown.

Salvation Army Thanksgiving vo

"I'm excited it's the first one that I'm doing at my house so I'm excited that I can actually do it," Brown said.

Brown and her 15 guests will be able to have a Thanksgiving feast; from turkey to potatoes to green beans, people got everything they needed to make a turkey dinner.

"Everything these guys do is so wonderful and amazing for us because we are right on the cusp we are not making a lot of money but we aren't making enough to support us," Amanda Lamar said.

The soggy day didn't drive anyone away. About 20 meals were handed out every minute.

"I'm really surprised how big the turnout is. I think it is a lot bigger than other years," Captain Kyle Smith with the Salvation Army said.

From job loss to illness, every family has a story about why they need help. They all walked out of the Spokane Arena Tuesday knowing the community cares.

"We should all give back, that's part of being a community that's part of being in the Christmas spirit and part of giving," Bucknell said.