Salvation Army raising funds to distribute 5,000 backpacks

Cenex Zip Trip donates $38,000 for back-to-school backpack drive

Salvation Army raising funds to distribute 5,000 backpacks

SPOKANE, Wash. - If you've been into any Cenex Zip Trip lately you've probably been asked to donate to the Salvation Army's back to school backpack and school supply drive and with school right around the corner the goal is to shatter last year's record of 4,000 backpacks handed out to families in need.

This year they're hoping to hand out more than 5,000 backpacks come August 21 and Tuesday the Salvation Army got a big boost from Cenez Zip Trips.

Last year the company gave the Salvation Army $26,000 to fill those backpacks; this year Cenex customers and employees blew that number out of the water when general manager Ian Johnstone presented the Salvation Army with a check for $38,000.

"Unbelievable and I am humbled and honored to be a part of it this being our fifth year. To go from it's humble beginnings of 750 backpacks to hopefully this year to give out over 5000 backpacks is a huge huge honor for everybody at Cenex Zip Trip, all the associates involved and it should be for the community of Spokane as well," he said.

The money raised will help buy the backpacks soon to be filled with school supplies, but more is needed. You can donate back to school items at area Fred Meyers stores as well as at the Salvation Army.