Rylee Castner's mom celebrating her hero son's short life

SPOKANE, Wash. - The mother of a Spokane toddler who died  on Easter Sunday is both grieving his death, but also calling him a hero for saving three other people's lives.

Rylee Castner was just 18 months old when he died. The medical examiner's office has ruled his death a homicide.

Rylee's mother, Cassie Castner, said her boyfriend was watching Rylee as she was cooking breakfast. A little while later, Cassie took Rylee to a barbecue and that's when her family noticed blood coming from Rylee's mouth and bruising on his cheeks.

Rylee Castner's mom

At this point, Cassie isn't saying her boyfriend is responsible, but she did say they haven't talked since he failed a lie detector test.

Now, many question remain unanswered about what happened. Cassie said on March 30 Rylee was fine when he woke up. Later that morning, Cassie said her boyfriend watched Rylee and her other son downstairs while she took a shower and made breakfast.

"I heard some crying but it wasn't like painful crying, it just sounded like he was being cranky," Cassie said, adding it only lasted a few minutes.

When she came downstairs a little while later, Rylee was asleep in his crib. She took the sleeping toddler to a barbecue, but when she tried to get him out of the car, Cassie said Rylee was heavy and limp like a rag doll.

"We took him to the barbecue and immediately went and talked to my mom and had her check him out. When we started seeing the bad signs and bruising we called 911," she said.

Rylee was rushed to Sacred Heart where he died the next day.

The tragic story of Rylee Castner does bring some hope to others lives. Rylee's organs helped saved three other people's lives.

"He should be known as a hero because he saved people," Cassie said.

Rylee's funeral is set for tomorrow.

Authorities said Wednesday afternoon their investigation into Rylee Castner's death is ongoing. So far they have not made any arrests in the case.