Rosauer's Open leaves Indian Canyon due to course problems

Tourney organizer hopes to return next year

Rosauer's Open leaves Indian Canyon due to course problems

SPOKANE, Wash. - For 20 years, Spokane's Indian Canyon golf course had played host to the annual Rosauer's Open Invitational Golf Tournament. But not this year.

The invitational is this weekend, but for the first time since 1991, it won't be held at Indian Canyon.

Year after year it is named as one of the countries top 30 golf courses but this year Indian Canyon is having a tough time bouncing back after the winter months.

"This winter, or damage that accrued this winter, wasn't kind to the course. Basically we have six greens that were pretty much dead," Gary Lindeblad said.

Lindeblad is the tourney director for the Rosauer's Open, and said no matter how much sanding and reseeding is being done the grass isn't looking how it should for the magnitude of this event.

"We had a similar situation in '91 where the greens had some severe damage that had accrued over the winter, it just didn't grow out of it," he said.

Lindebland said it's a huge inconvenience having to change courses, "partly because the whole dynamic of the event centers around Indian Canyon and we've done it there so many times."

The golf course is looking into how they can change their maintenance practices to make sure something like this doesn't happen again. As for the loss in funds the impact is not very big.

The only fee that will change that would go from the county instead of the city is there is a course rental, because a big portion of the money, nearly $150,000, is donated to charity each year.

"I think the biggest thing about the tournament is what it does for the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery," Lindeblad said.

He estimates the greens at Indian Canyon will be as good as new in just 10 days.

"It's hard to watch it go away and the intent is to go back to Indian Canyon when this bad period is over," he said.