Robbers steal from couple going through hard times

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane couple trying to rebuild their lives and remodel their home has become the target of brazen burglars.

In the past month, Billington and his wife Pam, moved everything they own into their detached garage to make room for church volunteers to remodel and repair their home on North Addison Road. 

On Monday, the Billington's discovered thieves broke into the garage and stole several items including a flat screen television and grandfather clock.

Robbers steal from couple going through hard times

"It just floors us because we don't know where to go now or what to do because we just don't have the money to replace any of this stuff," said Billington

The thieves then returned three more times over the course of three days. In all, the bold burglars got away with several thousand dollars worth of electronics, gardening tools and a brand new toilet.

"That's pretty low in my opinion. I don't understand that kind of thing," said Pam Billington

She said she called Lowe's, where she bought the toilet, to give customer service employees a heads up in case the thieves tried to return it for cash.

A Lowe's employee called her back and said the thieves tried to get a refund but they were denied because they didn't have a receipt.

Billington now hopes surveillance video from the home improvement store will help police nab the burglars.

The burglary is just one of many traumatic experiences for the Billington's over the past year.

In January, John survived triple bypass heart surgery. A few months earlier he won his battle with prostate cancer.

"I'm a cancer survivor, I'm a cardiac arrest survivor. But, I don't know if I can survive this," he said

 "If it wasn't for our faith in God we wouldn't have the strength to do anything," said Pam.

The Cheney Community Church is helping the Billington's get back on their feet. If you'd like to help contact Garth Steele 270-1106