Retired city employee calls out Spokane plow plan

Retired city employee calls out Spokane plow plan

SPOKANE, Wash. - A retired Spokane city employee is calling out the street department, saying there is no need for plows to leave berms in front of people's driveways.

Here's the frustration people face: If residential streets aren't plowed, the roads are a mess. However, if the city does plow them, your driveway gets bermed and you find yourself digging out of the mess.

Brian Clouse, a retired City of Spokane employee, said that entire situation can be avoided.

"Back then we were taught to carry the berm, that's what we actually called it," he said.

Clouse worked for the city for 27 years and is no stranger to plowing streets, but even more so, keeping driveways clear.

"You would push the button on the truck plow, straighten the blade out a little bit. Go from one side to the other side of the driveway and you would dump the berm on the other side of the driveway," he said. "It didn't slow the trucks down, they stayed the same speed, the grader stayed the same speed, and all it took was the flip of the button. We did that routinely."

Julie Happy with the City of Spokane said they don't remember ever plowing the streets the way Clouse described.

"If we were to straighten that plow, that snow is going to now go into the street. Our intent is to clear the street it's not to inconvenience the citizens or anything," Happy said.

But most out shoveling away the berms today would say an inconvenience is exactly what this is.

"I've been watching this on the news and I know there is a lot of retired city workers thinking the same thing. Why are they doing this they don't have to?" Clouse said.

If you are unable to plow your own snow, the city advises you to call 211 for resources that might be able to help you out.