Residents thank crews for quick work on High Drive fire

Residents thank crews for quick work on High Drive fire

SPOKANE, Wash. - People who live along High Drive are counting their blessings less than a day after firefighters made quick work out of a brush fire that could have threatened homes.

Neighbors are very happy that they spent Monday night in their beds and not in a Red Cross shelter, appreciative of the quick work done by crews that are still out on the fire line Tuesday. Firefighters say though that the folks living in the neighborhood certainly did their part to keep their property and families safe.

"I tried saying thank you but I got really choked up," Maliah Schram said.

Schram felt helpless when she learned about the fire burning just a hundred yards below her home.

"A friend texted me and said the bluff was on fire, so I called my family and they had already evacuated our cats," she said.

By the time she got home, the neighborhood was chaotic.

"My dad was running around like a madman. He was wet when I hugged him last night," she said.

Her father did what most neighbors were doing, everything they could to help fire crews, taking hoses and sprinklers to water their properties and the bank below.

"That's a really smart thing to do that gives them a little cushion in case the fire does come up and approach their property," Spokane Fire Department Battalion Chief Steve Sabo said.

On Tuesday fire crews were in the thick of the mop-up phase, the most consuming part of fighting a wildfire. Sabo was one of the men Schram personally thanked Tuesday morning.

"Neighbors and folks in the area here seem to be very appreciative here it is awfully nice of them to thank us and we appreciate them," he said.

"We'd always known that something like this could happen but I was just down at that site yesterday cleaning up some campfire bits and trying to destroy what people were building up to make more campfires, but obviously it didn't work," Schram said.