Residents make the most of extended power outage

Residents make the most of extended power outage

SPOKANE, Wash. - Heavy winds knocked out power to thousands on Wednesday, and by Thursday night nearly 12,000 Avista customers were still in the dark. But for some, it seems like a typical summer night.

"We're just barbecuing and we're going to have dinner and light some candles, play games," Susan Hare said.

However, they're without one thing: power. On Wednesday, strong winds from a thunderstorm knocked power lines down across the region leaving at least 40,000 without power. Tonight, their household is one of the thousands still wondering when the electricity will come back on.

"We were first told tonight at 8:30p.m. and now we're hearing tomorrow at 6p.m," Hare said.

If that happens, it will be two days without power. For the Hare family, there isn't time to waste. They have visitors from California and Wimbledon, England.

"We've been going through the dark at night in the house and just playing different games," 11-year-old Gracie said.

The kids have fun locked down: basketball during the day and hide and seek at night.

"We stopped playing that because we couldn't find anyone," Connor Charlton said.

"Tripping and falling on different things," Gracie chimed in.

The only problem the family has run into is not being able to use water. The house runs on a well and needs electricity to function. That means no toilets, no showers.

"So when ever we go out shopping and stuff we try to take most use out of the toilets," Charlton laughed.

They have been able to use the generator from the motor home for a little bit, but even that is limited.

"Just the lights and the refrigerator right now," Hare said.

Still their cell phones aren't charged, laptops are deserted and dinner? Leave that to the grill.

"Make the best of it," Hare said.