Residents fed up with condemned problem house

Residents fed up with condemned problem house

SPOKANE, Wash. - Residents in a north Spokane neighborhood are fed up with the condition of a condemned home, saying the activity that goes on at the house jeopardizes their safety and well-being.

The home is located near the intersection of C Street and Francis; neighbors say the owner left the home to her son a few years back and since then things have taken a turn for the worse, including frequent visitors, trash piling up in the backyard, and drug paraphernalia in the roads.

In May the home was raided and neighbors say in addition to drugs deputies found a stolen Toyota pickup, two Jet Skis in the living room and two stolen motorcycles. And yet cars, trash and everything in between continued to pile up in the backyard and just last weekend some of it caught on fire.

"It's just been a nightmare. I can't play in my own back yard with the children, you're constantly having to look out your window at night wondering if they're going to scope out your house to rob you for drug money," Nichole Edwards said.

Edwards said many of her neighbors have lived in their homes for over 60 years but recently some are starting to question staying.

"While we have a beautiful great neighborhood with wonderful neighbors, one neighbor has just ruined it for us," Edwards said.

A hearing was held in June to determine the future of the house but neighbor Jim Baynes says the owner was a no show.

"She wasn't there nor was a representative authorized to be there on her behalf, therefore action should have been taken immediately," Baynes said.

The city says the owner refuses to sign documents allowing the city on the property and they can't just enter the home since it is private property. The city is however seeking other avenues now to gain access and take care of the issue.

In the meantime neighbors are advised to call 911 if they see anyone on the property.

The next hearing on the house is November 8 and neighbors say they hope all the trash is not sitting there for another three months.