Renovations begin at NorthTown Mall

Renovations begin at NorthTown Mall

SPOKANE, Wash. - NorthTown Mall, located on Division Street for nearly 60 years, is getting a make over. On Tuesday construction crews continued to tear down a two story brick wall on the north side of the building between Macy's and Kohl's.

The project is three years in the making, and started earlier this year after tenants were moved around so work could begin.

"This is exciting you know because we're going to tear down this wall and you'll get a view inside of what's been going on these past few months as far as the demolition," Senior General Manager John Shasky said.

The renovation includes more parking spaces, two revamped entrances along Queen Avenue, a WiFi cafe, shops and restaurants.

"We really want to bring in some restaurants, Shasky said. "No names right now, I'll be anxious to announce them and let you know who's coming, I think they will be great additions to the center."

He adds all the stores and businesses within the mall are open. He stressed Kohl's which is right next to all the commotion is open.

"Kohl's is open for business," Shasky said. "If you are in the common area walking down towards Kohl's it may appear you can't get to them, you can."

Construction should be done by sometime in mid 2015. Shasky says it's all dependent on how much work they get done before winter approaches.