Relaxed shopping with time for beer or wine

Spokane Valley, Wash. - The electronics department at your favorite department store was once the hide-away for men while their wives shopped.  Now beer, wine and growlers are changing the way people shop. 

At the Fred Meyer in Spokane Valley, at the intersection of Sprague and Sullivan, the liquor department is now equipped with big screen televisions, a bar and taps.

Cork and Tap is a new pilot program being tested on customers.  

"The millennial shoppers told us they want to find that niche when they come shopping.  They want to be able to come in and find their favorite draft and get it in a growler and then be able to go out and shop in our stores.," said assistant store manager Jesse Smith.

The Cork and Tap aims at giving customers not only a place to relax while shopping, but an education with a wine steward on hand.  

"That's the best thing, we get you to try it first and that really helps us to determine where you are on your flavors and from there I can help guide customers to the right wine," said wine steward Chris Kilby.

And while many people might think the bars stools will be filled with bored husbands waiting for their wives, that's not the case.

"We personally left our husbands at home, cause they're watching the kids.  So we thought it would be nice to have a drink before we go to the next store, just to relax," said customer Sadie Galloway.

If Cork and Tap proves to be successful it could be implemented at all Fred Meyer stores.