Quirky museum goes up for auction

SPOKANE, Wash. - Carr's museum vo

It's the end of the line for Carr's "One of a kind in the world" Museum, one of Spokane's more quirky attractions that you may have never heard of.

The museum closed its doors after owner Marvin Carr passed away last year and, this weekend, all of the unique treasures from his museum are being auctioned off.

This Saturday is your chance to get your hands on some truly unique items like an alligator-sized warship or an actual alligator. Just about anything you can imagine -- and a few things you likely can't -- will be put on the auction block.

"Everything had a story and for Marvin that was part of the museum and just be able to tell that story and get that across to people how important some of these items were," Carr's close friend Jeff Owens said.

"Wonderful man, huge heart, and we hated to see him go. He was wonderful," Owens said in describing Carr.

Owens is an auctioneer and, naturally, the best person to find new homes for all of Marvin's worldly possessions, including a Tanzanian sculpture made from one solid piece of ebony.

"It's an ancestral sculpture that took fifty to sixty years to carve, and it is of a royal family," Owens explained.

Carr had a passion for a lot of things, like one of his favorite celebrities Jackie Gleason. One of the items in Carr's Museum was Gleason's limousine.

"A lot of photographs of Jackie Gleason, we've got the limo and then he even had a sculpture made that's sitting in the king's chair over there," Owens said.

Carr's "One of a kind in the world" Museum will be open Friday for an open house preview from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The auction will start at 10 a.m. Saturday with doors opening at 9 a.m. The museum is located at 5225 North Freya.