Pyramid scheme hits Manito Park

SPOKANE, Wash. - The world knows who built the pyramids of Egypt, now Spokane wants to know who's building the park bench pyramids in city parks.

Manito Park was the latest to be hit with a pyramid Thursday night. More than 30 park tables were stacked in the parking lot.

"I was out for my run and I gotta stop and see it on my way home," Roberto Amadei said.

The precariously perched park picnic tables popped up past most people's bedtime. And if you think there were a lot of P's in that last sentence, there's one more for you: P-Oed.

Manito Park pyramid vo

"Their artwork is being seen all over the city now and it encourages them to do it more," Manito Park gardener Danni Pope said.

Pope said its not exactly a new idea -- "honestly this isn't the first time it's happened at Manito" -- and it's not the first time it's happened in Spokane parks, either. Last week two picnic table pyramids popped up in Riverfront Park. With equipment and labor it costs around $500 to tear down the pyramids.

"You know it is vandalism," Pope said.

But that hasn't stopped onlookers from turning a curious eye and admiring the work of idle hands.

"It's cool," Amadei said. "I mean its a little bit of mixed feelings there. Like I say, they strike again."

On the other hand …

"I mean they are obviously creative individuals they're just, maybe they don't realize the harm that they are causing or the money that they are costing the city," Pope said.

In the end there are two sides to the story.

There are those that find some positive in these pyramids.

"Hope it's somebody that has an artistic mind and not a malicious one because then it's a more positive feeling for Spokane," Roberto Amadei said.

Then there are those who see the harm in them.

"Honestly I'd rather see graffiti. It's not as endangering," Danni Pope said.