Purina makes $30k donation to 'Kitty City'

SPOKANE, Wash. - Thursday was a busy -- and happy -- day for Spokanimal as their 'Kitty City' cat care center is getting a much-needed facelift thanks to a very generous donation.

Spokanimal was happy to have just under 1,700 cat adoptions last year. They hope to boost those numbers by close to 20-percent thanks to the $30,000 facelift made possible by Purina Cat Chow.

"Thanks so much ... to Purina Cat Chow for coming in and choosing us as their first endeavor," Gail Mackie of Spokanimal said.

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This couldn't have come at a better time. Mackie, Spokanimal's executive director, said that after nearly 30 years her organization will no longer have a contract with the City of Spokane for animal control.

"Losing that is a really big chunk of our business, we are losing about 50-percent of our budget and about 15 employees," she explained.

The folks from Purina Cat Chow said choosing Spokane was an easy decision for their company.

"A place where we can really make an impact with the $30,000 that we had to play with and one where the community was really kind of around the idea of cats and cat adoptions and a place where we could really have an impact on the community and they have just been fantastic to work with so far," Purina representative Jamin Hemenway said.

"What we're trying to do is change our focus from being an animal shelter to being a home-type environment where people are relaxed and comfortable, people can come in in a home-type environment and sit down and get to know our pets and do their adoptions," Mackie explained.