Protesters picket Spokane's Pride Parade

Protesters picket Spokane's Pride Parade

SPOKANE, Wash. - They claim to send messages of love but the presence of the Spokane Street Preachers is not always welcomed.

They are known to push the boundaries of free speech.

Frank Stangel is a realtor by day but he devotes his free time to what he calls bringing people closer to God.

"We are trying to provoke people to love and good works," said Stangel.

The group calls the ability to withstand their negative perception obedience.

"He went through the most pain that anyone would go through for another. And we're to follow his example. So if we're to go through something that may be difficult we'll do it because we love him and he loves us," said Stangel.

Despite the protesters, parade participants and organizers didn't let them ruin their day.

Blain Stum is a member of OutSpokane. He says this day is not about the preachers, but providing a place where people can celebrate being who they are.

"This day means a lot to me, I have been out for nine years in Spokane and it means a lot to me because I went through a lot growing up as a gay man," said Stum.

He says the protesters had a right to be at the parade, but he just turned his cheek.

"We always tell people we are here to have a good day and to celebrate who we are and we don't need to let any of that negative energy bring the parade or festival down," said Stum.