Proposed ordinance could keep baristas from baring it all

SPOKANE, Wash. - 22148354

The Spokane City Council will soon vote on an ordinance that would require baristas to cover up while they make and sell coffee.

Spokane City Councilman Mike Fagan started working on the ordinance this summer after a constituent shared concerns about scantily-clad women working at Big Shots Espresso.

"We're talking about pasties and a g-string only, here we are talking about pasties and a sticker only," said Mike Fagan in an interview with KXLY earlier this summer.

The unlawful public exposure ordinance would require baristas and employees of any company to cover up certain body parts while working.  Fagan said bikinis and lingerie would be allowed, but no pasties, g-strings or nudity.

According to a news release about the ordinance, "the unlawful public exposure ordinance is defined as exposure of body parts, specifically identified in the ordinance, of the person without a full and opaque covering in any other area other than a public place provided or designated for nudity." 

Earlier this summer, Niqui Kukel, part owner of XXX Espresso, weighed in on the issue. Even though she doesn't allow her employees to wear pasties or g-strings, she's against the ordinance and this summer in an interview offered her own solution to the debate.

"They don't have to come here they can go to another coffee stand. Starbucks does great coffee, there are multiple local businesses that do great coffee so they just don't

have to come and see us," said Niqui Kukel.

The ordinance, which is co-sponsored by Councilwoman Nancy McLaughin, will be up for vote at the city council meeting on Monday.