Pot retailers preparing to open as supply concerns persist

Pot retailers preparing to open as supply concerns persist

SPOKANE, Wash. - As the countdown continues until the first legal marijuana shops open around July 1 the question remains will there be enough supply to meet demand.

At one retail shop being set up on North Division Street they're working toward opening their doors on July 1.

"There's definitely a lot more hoops to jump through and a lot more red tape to cut through than the typical store front," Justin Wilson said.

For Wilson it's been a wild ride to just get to this point.

"Location is difficult, with the 1,000-foot buffer, our landlord of course had to be persuaded into this new market obviously its new to a lot of people," he said.

Wilson has been focused on things like shop design and, most importantly, security.

"Each of those has to be covered properly, so again, about 16 cameras and they want 45 days storage so it's a pretty lengthy, pretty big DVR to hold all that," he said.

But when the day comes when he can open many are concerned if there will be enough supply to meet demand. In Colorado, after marijuana was legalized in that state, demand was so high, stores quickly ran out.

Wilson is trying to plan ahead.

"I'm working really closely with three different growers, producer/processors and loosely with a couple others and one of the five is set to have product in July," Wilson said.

Wilson speculated the short supply would probably last a few months, at least until more producers come online and increase supply.

He still has to go through an inspection with the county and then the state, but if all goes well Wilson plans to open his store for business in the beginning of July.