Police volunteers ready to keep home safe during your vacation

Police volunteers ready to keep home safe during your vacation

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane police want to help you feel better about taking your vacation by having senior volunteers with the department stopping by to check on your place while you're out of town, free of charge.

These senior volunteers do a lot to improve their community. From these vacation checks to blocking off roads during crime scene investigations, they are always available any time night or day. Last year the seniors donated 55,000 man hours to the Spokane Police Department.

"I just decided 25 years was a long time," she said.

Her son works at the jail and when her last child left home he recommended she look into it.

"It's something to do and I thought 'Well this is interesting,' you get out and meet different people and it is something different everyday," she explained.

Hazel and her partner Dennis have knocked on a lot of doors, but vacation checks aren't all these volunteers do. They also deliver mail to Cops Shops and work the front desk at the Public Safety building.

"Sometimes we see people with their car can't go and we have to set up a little traffic control for that," Hazel said.

"They just do a tremendous amount of work for us we are very grateful to them," Spokane Police Officer Teresa Fuller said.

Fuller added the program is part of a larger picture the police department is trying to paint.

"It really is that preventative stuff; so much of what we are trying to do right now is proactive rather than reactive, and this is one of those programs where we can proactively protect people while they are on vacation," Fuller said.

The Spokane Police Department does have some criteria homes have to meet in order to sign up for vacation checks; for more information click here.