Police urge awareness while using local trails

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - Police urge awareness while using local trails

A Coeur d'Alene man is recovering from being knocked unconscious and robbed while walking the Centennial Trail. Kootenai County Sheriff's deputies say the attack happened Friday night around 10:45 near Atlas road. 

The man is ok, but the suspect is still on the run.

While these are isolated incidents, police say it's easy to be on the lookout.  When you're running or walking, look for places someone could potentially hide, to ensure your safety.

Jennifer Martin walks along the trail everyday at lunch.

"People are generally pretty nice, it's kind of fun to walk by and have people say 'hi' to you," Martin said.

She's usually alone when she walks, so Jennifer keeps her head on a swivel. She turns down her iPod so she can hear her surroundings, and always looks people passing by in the eye.

"They know you know you're looking at them it's a power stance kind of, body language," Martin said.

Spokane Police say you don't need to be paranoid, but aware. If you can, walk with a friend.

"You're also an easy target if you're by yourself. I recommend pairs or more," Lt. Rex Olson said.

Lt. Olson is with the Spokane Police Department, and says car prowling also tends to jump this time of year, since more people are getting out. Hide your valuables in your trunk or don't bring them.

If you're on the trail and don't feel safe, trust your gut.

"If you see somebody that looks suspicious, or somebody you're not comfortable with, then try to stay away from them," Lt. Olson said. "Turn and go the other way if you feel that's what you need to do. Or if you see some other people maybe hook up with them."

Martin will continue to look after herself and others along the trail, during the day. When she can't see the views anymore, it's time to turn in.