Police search for shooting suspect in North Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Police are searching for a man who they say shot his girlfriend in the face. Police say 30-year-old Josh D. Graham shot his 19-year-old girlfriend in the alley behind his home in the 1500 block of E. Everett Ave. just before 3 P.M. on Monday.

The victim is at Sacred Heart and in good condition. She still has a bullet in the back of her head. She'll stay the night while doctors decide what to do with it. Police are looking to arrest Josh Graham on attempted murder charges.

Neighbor Vera Mitzimberg said she witnessed the scene from her favorite spot next to the window where she's enjoyed the area for the last 37 years.

Police search for shooting suspect in North Spokane

"So, I'm the oldest lady on the block, I'm putting that nicely," said Mitzimberg.
Mitzimberg says she thought she heard something around 3 p.m..

"Pop ya know," said Mitzimberg.

But she chalked it up to traffic.

"The cars going up and down the street like a freeway. Backfire, that's what I thought it was," said Mitzimberg.

Police say the noise was a small caliber gun that Graham used to shoot his girlfriend. Graham was the one who called 911 but he didn't stick around when the victim got a ride to the hospital with some acquaintances.

"Josh has answered his cell phone but doesn't want to talk to us or tell us where he is at," said Spokane Police Cpl. Jon Strickland.

Police executed a search warrant at the home and are hoping Graham, who has a history of armed robbery, eluding police and domestic violence, decides to come forward. Just another full day for police.

 "The last few days have been busy and I apologize if we haven't been able to respond to some of the lower priority calls and I'd ask that they understand," said Strickland.

There has been plenty of activity at on E. Everett Ave. for Mitzimberg to watch.

"The police were out here about six weeks ago and they took the young man off to jail," said Mitzimberg.

Police are considering this a domestic violence dispute. They tell KXLY there are several witnesses who they would like to talk with and are hoping they come forward before officers come looking for them.