Police: More arrests expected in Doug Carlile murder

Police: More arrests expected in Doug Carlile murder

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Police are now saying they expect even more arrests in the Doug Carlile murder case and that their suspects are extremely dangerous.

Carlile was shot to death last December in his South Hill home in a contract killing detectives think is tied to his business dealings in the North Dakota oil fields.

Investigators say one of the people behind the murder has become one of their informants and they want to protect his identity. So now a judge has ordered the case sealed including why murder suspect Tim Suckow was granted a furlough from the Spokane County Jail.

No one is saying what would warrant Suckow's brief release although state law allows furloughs "to meet an emergency situation, such as a death or critical illness of a family member or to obtain medical care that's not available in the facility."

Suckow has hired a new private defense attorney and scheduled to stand trial in September.