Police may have found SUV involved in deadly hit and run

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Police may have found the vehicle involved in a deadly hit and run last month at Mission and South Riverton.

Police received a tip that an SUV with front end damage was parked on East Desmet a few blocks from the crash scene and officers believe that the SUV is the vehicle that hit and killed 55-year-old Don Foster on February 9. Foster was crossing the Mission Avenue bridge when he was struck. Witnesses say that an SUV hit Foster and kept driving.

Police served a warrant on the vehicle parked on East Desmet and found that the SUV had damage to the hood consistent with hitting something soft. They say there's also a pattern on the bumper similar to the pattern that denim jeans leave on dirt. Finally, a black plastic piece of the grill was missing, which they believe they found at the scene the night of the incident.

Police have talked to the owner of the vehicle and she told them she hit a pole but investigators say the damage is not consistent with her story.

She told police she heard the crash, but denies being involved. Police are now trying to search her phone records for any evidence of her involvement in the crash.

So far, no one has been arrested or charged in the case.