Police investigating South Hill car jumping crash

SPOKANE, Wash. - Car jumping crash investigation

Spokane Police are investigating a car-jumping crash on the South Hill that sent a teenager to the hospital with a fence post lodged in her back.

The crash happened on the Freya Hill at 17th Avenue and the speeds involved may have kept the Subaru airborne for almost an entire block.

Witnesses who live along Freya said they knew a car was about to crash, even before it happened.

"I heard the whine of the engine come down the hill, then a large scrape and then an airborne car," witness Josh Barnes said.

Tumbling down the hill, the Subaru landed it rolled over a chain link fence and that's when a pole pierced a passenger's upper torso.

Neighbors raced to the rolled Subaru to help a teenager trapped inside.

"I asked if anybody was still in the vehicle and they said yes and that's when I stepped into the car through the back window to see if I could assist in getting her out," Stacey Miotke said.

"I just told them put pressure on it anything that's bleeding, get some pressure on it," she added.

Firefighters ended up cutting off the pole and leaving it inside the victim until she reached the hospital.

Bobbe Carson says cars crash into her home on a regular basis but can't get used to seeing badly injured teens.

"I was young once, you were young once. I've done stupid things; luckily it didn't cost me anything. But she could have died. If it has been on the other side it could have taken out her heart. That's when you start thinking about what fun it is to jump 17th," Carson said.

Carson's yard has become ground zero for the cars that lose control coming down the Freya hill. She's replaced windows, walls and rose bushes and worried her gas meter may get sheared off some time this winter.

"It's only a matter of time before my house blows up and I've asked Avista many times to put a cage around it," she said.

Avista officials said Monday they plan to do just that by the end of this year.

Police are investigating this crash to see if the driver should be charged with vehicular assault because of that young woman's injuries.

Note: Pictures in the video segment above courtesy Spokane News.