Police hope to broker peace after Knitting Factory shooting

SPOKANE, Wash. - Over the weekend Spokane police responded to multiple reports of shots being exchanged, one between two groups of people in North Spokane and the second at the Knitting Factory downtown.

Early Monday morning a fight broke out at the Knitting Factory at Black Party Five, so named because promoters asked people attending the event to wear black formal attire.

"One of the officers was down there and happened to observe a number of fights, large crowds around the Knitting Factory. Ended up trying to deal with those large crowds and fights and asked for assistance from other officers who responded into the area," Spokane Police Commander Joe Walker said.

While that was going on, officers heard gunshots on the other side of the building and then found a trio of .45 caliber casings on Monroe Street.

No one was reportedly injured but police still want to do a better job of controlling crowds when the club closes for the night.

"Our sergeant that is in charge of that unit down there is meeting with different business and owners to partner with them and come up with solutions in advance instead of afterwards like what occurred last night," Walker said.

The new neighborhood conditions sergeant assigned to the downtown area will be keeping a close eye on the Knitting Factory's schedule because certain types of music attract gang members and officers want to make sure the next time they're all under the roof the police keep the peace.