Police: Flett's current girlfriend may have witnessed ex-girlfriend's killing

SPOKANE, Wash. - Childress murder investigation vo

Spokane Police detectives think the current girlfriend of murder suspect Jason Flett may be a key witness in their murder case against him for the killing of his ex-girlfriend Ramona Childress.

Detectives recovered a body last week in a location they were pointed to by a witness who said Childress was buried at that location last year. Flett was subsequently charged with the murder of Childress.

The witness who tipped detectives off as to where Childress was buried also told police the Flett's current girlfriend was also at the grave site the night Childress was buried there.

Detectives have interviewed that woman and Abe Carroll, the victim's brother, thinks they know a lot more now about how and when Childress was killed.

"The type of information I think they received would be the critical details of what happened immediately prior to and what unfolded that night and exactly where it occurred and how it occurred," he said.

That woman is the mother of one of Flett's children who he allegedly beat with a crowbar in September. Now she may end up being the state's best witness against her boyfriend and also verified the car Flett was driving the night he allegedly killed Childress.

"The DNA from whatever may be in that car and I believe it would help them with their rock solid case so far so that there's no doubt, even in the eye of science, that's what took place the night," Carroll said.

Flett reportedly told friends he stabbed Childress to death and so police plan to search his car for signs of her blood later this week.

This new witness may have seen the killing and if her version of the events show that Flett pre-planned the attack on his ex-girlfriend then prosecutors may consider changing the charge against him to first degree murder.