Police, Fire departments to receive new vehicles, equipment

Police, Fire departments to receive new vehicles, equipment

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Spokane Fire and Police departments will be getting upgrades to their equipment after Mayor David Condon signed a resolution for the departments to receive $26 Million for fleet and equipment upgrades.

The money comes from property tax revenue that has been dedicated to paying for public safety needs. The Spokane City Council approved a one-percent property tax increase for the 2014 budget to replace aging fire and police equipment.

The police department will receive new vehicles for detectives, new computers for officers and possibly two new precincts in the city, while the fire department will receive new vehicles. Altogether the money will pay for more than 200 new police cars and 15 fire apparatus.

"Taking the authorized one percent property tax increase created this funding stream and has set us on a course to affordable, needed tools to keep Spokane safe," Condon said.

Collecting the money and purchasing the equipment will happen over a six year time period.