Police continue search for South Hill assault suspect

Police continue search for South Hill assault suspect

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Police continue to search for Timothy Jacobs, the subject of a South Hill standoff Sunday after he reportedly stabbed his girlfriend in the leg multiple times.

Jacobs, 25, has a Washington Department of Corrections warrant for robbery, assault and residential burglary, his past criminal history includes 16 arrests, 12 felonies, remains a suspect in the devastating $20 Million Whitley Fuel fire in 2007 and is wanted for stabbing a woman Sunday morning at her apartment at 9th and Elm Street.

"Well the victim, obviously it's not life threatening, she does have some serious injuries, a couple stab wounds and like I said, was assaulted, was punched. So she'll be fine, but obviously hurting," Spokane Police Lt. Rex Olson said.

The victim told officers that Jacobs was at her apartment Sunday. When they arrived police say a door was closed on them. That led police to bring in a K-9 to search followed by gassing the apartment. Then just a little after the lunch hour, the standoff was called off once officers found an opened window where Jacobs escaped from the apartment.

"He's not there so we're going to continue to see if we can locate him and take him into custody," Olson said.

In 2007, investigators said they had two witnesses linking then 19-year-old Jacobs to the devastating Whitley Fuel fire, saying he shot off fireworks which caused the blaze. Jacobs was arrested but never charged.

"It's been a cold case," Spokane Assistant Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer. "Obviously we've been watching him as a suspect for several years as well as some of our other cold cases and just waiting."

Spokane Fire investigators said they continue to investigate Jacobs as the suspect in the Whitley Fuel fire, but add there's not enough evidence because it burned in the fire.

Anyone with information on Timothy Jacobs' whereabouts should call 911 immediately.