Police class helping women survive fight or flight scenarios

Police class helping women survive fight or flight scenarios

SPOKANE, Wash. - Fight, flight or freeze? What would you do if confronted by an attacker?

The best way to survive an attack is to avoid it all together. The Spokane Police Department's 'Enhancing The Survival Mindset' class is geared toward giving women a plan of action if they find themselves in a dangerous situation,  hopefully eliminating the possibility of freezing up and getting caught off guard.

To avoid becoming a victim of assault or worse, Spokane Police Sergeant Shaun Kendall says don't think that it can't happen to you.

"Really the best defense is take a right or left or about face to avoid a dangerous situation," Kendall said.

But rather when will it happen to you.

"But if you haven't thought about it, that's when you fall into that freeze mindset," Kendall said.

Freezing up can be the worst reaction when facing a dangerous situation. Kendall teaches the Spokane Police Departments 'Enhancing The Survival Mindset' class for women.

"If I were to attack or close space on you, a lot of the mentality, we'll rehears this in class, but a lot of the reactions is this," Kendall said.

Kendall says rehearsing simple reactions can have big effects on the outcome of a dangerous situation.

"So if I come, step left or right, you can see that I'm still directed here," said Kendall.

Along with situational awareness, Kendall's class also teaches women what to do when flight isn't an option.

"See how you can keep moving just by using your heels and keeping me at your feet. Versus, stay there, if I can get here you're in a very bad position," Kendall said.

And when flight turns to fight, using something in your pocket or purse as a weapon can turn the tide of a struggle, opening an escape route.

"If we get in here and I have my keys in my hand all I really need to do is find some flesh and start grinding, I'm probably going to get a reaction out of the person that's assaulting me," Kendall said.

The first class will take place next Friday and is open to women only. For more information click here.