Police charge department consultant with assault after Davenport fisticuffs

Paul Lewis allegedly got into alcohol-fueled brawl at Davenport Tower

Police charge department consultant with assault after Davenport fisticuffs

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Police are not afraid to enforce the law equally, even if it means charging one of their own consultants with assault.

Paul Lewis, a man hired by the department to promote better relations with at-risk youth was allegedly involved in an alcohol-fueled brawl at the Davenport Tower Sunday night and, as it turns out, naming names will not get you out of trouble with the Spokane Police Department.

Witnesses said Lewis did that after a shoving match inside the Davenport Tower and even after he played the "I know the chief" card Lewis was still cited and evicted from his Davenport room.

Lewis works for the North American Family Institute and was in town to oversee the police department's Youth and Police Initiative program. Sunday night he allegedly had words with a couple drinking in the Davenport Tower's lobby when, according to witnesses, Lewis intoned the woman was a prostitute and the man was her pimp. He was actually her brother.

Surveillance video shows both Lewis and the man he referred to as a pimp got combative, but officers felt Lewis started the brawl and cited him for two counts of fourth degree assault.

To make matters much worse, Lewis allegedly called Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub on the phone to get himself out of the jam but it didn't work

Lewis was not allowed to do any consulting for the police department Monday and is now heading back to his company's headquarters in Boston.

The Spokane Police youth initiative brings officers and young people together on level playing field where the groups learn about extending each other mutual respect. That program is now moving forward now without Lewis' help.