Police calling Medical Lake house fire suspicious

MEDICAL LAKE, Wash. - An early-morning house fire in Medical Lake is being called suspicious. The fire was called in around 2 a.m. at Brooks and Martin, in the north west corner of Medical Lake.

Fire investigators say one person, who is the homeowner, was home at the time of the fire and suffered minor injuries.

Investigators believe the fire was intentionally set and are following up on leads to find a suspect.

Police calling Medical Lake house fire suspicious

Neighbor Brandon Roberson had just gotten home from the bowling alley late Saturday night when he went outside and found his neighbor's house up in flames and the homeowner lying on the ground.

"I'm assuming he had some smoke inhalation. He had a laceration to his eye and a burn on his foot and was kind of out of it," Roberson said.

Before fire crews got to the scene, neighbors were fighting the fire with water hoses. There is heavy damage to the front of the home.

Roberson said the homeowner fired a shot early on, most likely to scare the arsonists.

"The shotgun was laying right next to him and the cops showed up and he immediately stated that there was a gun on the scene," Roberson said.

Investigators and the forensics team spent their Sunday collecting as much evidence from the home as possible.

"It usually is a quite neighborhood but things have been kind of been crazy lately," Roberson said.

Roberson has called this neighborhood home for 11 years and instead of staying put last night, he ran to the action to help a neighbor in need.

"I just heard it and saw the fire and just wanted to make sure everybody was okay and I got over there as quickly as I could. I'm just glad everyone was okay and safe," Roberson said.